26 November 2008

Holiday greening

Check out 911earth.com's page for earth-friendly ideas to green your holiday, from recycling trees to letting the USPS print and mail your holiday cards for you.

My own personal mission: NO PLASTIC BAGS this season!!! Try IKEA's big blue shopping totes; yes, they're a bit crinkly and don't collapse into a hackey-sized pouch, but they are amazingly strong, totally cheap (59 cents!), and serve every need from gift/grocery shopping to transporting gifts on The Day. Or hauling firewood. Or stocking your snow fort with an arsenal of snowballs.

Heck, I'll bet you could even drag your dead Christmas tree to the curb on recycling day with it...

1 comment:

Cate said...

I love our IKEA bags! I need to come up with a system so I remember to bring the plastic bags. Probably a bigger purse. :)