20 November 2008


So I'm knitting Jared Flood's lacy-slouchy beret, Porom.

For myself.

Scandalous, I know. If logic had anything to say here, the only things on my needles would be thoughtful gifts for others. Oh well. It's not even Thanksgiving yet. [insert silent panic-infused scream here]

My one complaint? The needles.

I happen to be quite partial to a certain wooden interchangeable set I was gifted last Christmas. Actually, quite partial doesn't really begin to describe my feelings; ragingly loyal is more like it. Trouble is, they start at 24 inches, and I needed a 16" circular for the hat, so I defaulted to Addi Turbos.

I know I will offend someone (or two) with what I'm about to say, but I. Don't. Like. Them. I don't like using Addis. It's the points - rather, the lack thereof. You try using DK yarn, size 8 needles, and executing k3tog tbl. Grrr.

Meema needs to get her drink on.


Scott Rohr said...

I agree with you about the points. I love the joins, though. I cast on a scarf last night, and I used a very well-worn circular, US 8, Addi Natura. The ends, not sharp to begin with, are so worn down that it's like knitting with the ends of chopsticks. I pulled it off.

Meema said...

Is there the potential of filing/sanding the tips of the bamboo? (I know, that would probably require borrowing implements from a lesbian or Eric M.)

If you like the Addi joins, you need to try the Harmony needles. Seriously. I can hardly look at other needles now. I could fix you up for a test knit... ?

Mark said...

How about a pencil sharpener? I've been playing with the Addis, too. I feel clumsy with them. They're so slick, and I'm just not a fast enough knitter to need the speed.

Scott Rohr said...

I've actually thought about a pencil sharpener. It really does seem more in the realm of a lesbian, or Mark, to fix such things.

Eric said...