07 November 2008

Norm is sweating

... and showing his hypocritical colors.

His lead over Al Franken in Minnesota's hotly contested US Senate race has been steadily slipping as the election results' canvassing progresses. As of this moment, his lead has been cut from 762 on Tuesday night to only 221.

Ever the quintessential opportunist, he wasted no time in delivering an acceptance speech and lambasting Franken for thinking of pursuing a recount and wasting taxpayer money. Now that his lead is shrinking, he's throwing around accusations to cast doubt on the canvassing process (and no doubt readying his crack legal team to sue the state, Al, or whomever else they can to worm his way back into the Big Show).

Feel that, Norm? It's the wind of change, and it's going to rip the smug, self-righteous umbrella right outta your slick little hands.

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