09 November 2008

Synchronize your watches

OK, knitters. It's go time.

And by "go time", I mean that we're about to go double digits into November. Can you say HOLIDAY KNITTING IS GOING TO KICK MY ASS ONCE AGAIN?!? Dammit.

eWAC and I had a casual conversation this afternoon about said enterprise. As I left his and G40's stylishly remodelled loft, panic started to rise: 46 days to go. Man, I think I started holiday stuff earlier last year. (Just looked back in the archives, and the first mention of holiday knitting was 11/29/07. Slight whew.)

Next step, just completed: I waded through the mess that is my Favorites and PDF patterns to see what could fit the timeline. Luckily, last year I started bookmarking smaller projects for just this purpose...

And here are a few pre-holiday offerings to you, o crafty readers: Tools To Give By.

A handy-dandy reference for knitted thing dimensions (babies, hats, blankets, foot sizes).

This chart from REI is a great reference for socks, slippers, and the like when the feet in question aren't with you.

Also handy is this guide to fabric/yarn care symbols (previously posted, but helpful nonetheless).

Knit on!

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