25 November 2008

A window on my world

I have two aquariums in the living room which house 13 small fishies. Our routine is to feed the fish after we eat breakfast and dinner.

Kidlet settled down in front of the tanks after the morning slop, watching the new tetras (no photos yet) gobble their flaky breakfast and said, "You know, watching the fish is kind of like watching TV, isn't it?" I. Love. This. Kid.

What I said out loud: "Yes, sweetie, but so much nicer."

What I let stay in my head: "... and completely lacking in commercials for plastic toys you'll tire of in a matter of days." Ah, the holiday season.

1 comment:

Jess said...

I owe you $1.50.
I wasn't trying to steal from you.
Please believe me!!