19 December 2007

Busy, busy, busy...

OK, who shook the calendar and made the days of December fall out? We're at X minus six days, and I am, oh, shall we say, behind in my holiday knitting. My eyes are always bigger than my schedule; I'm knitting on caffeine and prayer at this point. Gads.

Last Saturday Kidlet and I were on our way to an ECFE event and decided to say hello to the big rabbit sculpture on Portland and Minnehaha Parkway. It's sweet that someone puts a ribbon 'round its neck every December. We clamored through the snow and snapped a few pictures, but the rabbit was too frosty for Kidlet to stand on. We also stopped at the footbridge over Minnehaha Creek. She marveled at being so high above the creek. Then it was off to build "gingerbread" houses with other preschoolers. A messy endeavor, but what a blast!

I saw the sweetest holiday photo on another knitter's blog (well, second to Kidlet, natch). The young boy's words couldn't have been scripted better by a team of Hallmark's best writers. Follow this link to her post.

Enjoy the last days of expectation, and happy (frantic) knitting!

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Eric said...

Gimme a bite of that gingerbread house! Love it.