31 December 2007

It's just another New Year's Eve

May I humbly offer for your consideration...

Meema's Best of 2007 List
(continually updated as needed, and in no particular order)

Best Coffee Shop: Blue Moon Coffee Café

Best Sandwich: Jimmy John’s Beach Club®

Best Music Store: Groth Music

Best Yarn Shop: The Yarnery (duh)

Best Knitting Patterns: Marie Mayhew’s various Woolly goodies

Best Knitting Needles: Options Harmony wooden circular needles from Knit Picks

Best Yarn: Malabrigo Silky Merino

Best Bag: Total Tote by Creative Options

Best Web Time Vacuum: Ravelry

Best YouTube Video: "Here It Goes Again" by OK Go

Best Children’s Book: Not a Box, by Antoinette Portis

Best Place to Visit Father Christmas: Steamworks Coffee & Tea Co.

Best Blog: you can't make me choose!

Best Motivation for Creative Output: Going40’s limerick contest

Best Joke (tie): The Stoplight Joke and The Princess Joke (as told by Kidlet to over 300 high school students on Dec. 21st - 'at's my girl!)

Best Inventor of New Words: J.K. Rowling, in the Harry Potter series

Best Community Response to Tragedy: the Twin Cities’ reaction and adaptation to the I-35W bridge collapse


My resolutions for 2008?
1- To go greener than I do now, and teach my daughter the same sense of stewardship and responsibility.
2 - Teach more people to knit, of course!

I hope the new year brings you closer to your bliss. Be safe, and have a Happy!


Scott said...

Yea! Great list. Happy new year, Ms. P!

Knitting Linguist said...

I love your list! And what wonderful resolutions :) Happy New Year!