02 December 2007

Free yarn, anyone?

(What a silly question, Meema.)

There's another blog drawing out there, this time sponsored by Kristin Nicholas of Getting Stitched on the Farm. She's cyber-launching her new book and is giving away five packages of TWENTY 50-GRAM SKEINS of her signature yarn, Julia (50% wool, 25% kid mohair, 25% alpaca). One entry per person, winners to be drawn on December 10. Good luck getting one of the other four prizes - the first one is obviously for me!


deb said...

I found you out here on the blogs!
And you're writing about knitted togs??
I'm happy to know ya -
I'm planning to show ya -
The lim'ricks are winding the cogs.

Cate said...

M and I entered! Thanks for the heads up. :) See you on Wed.

Knitting Linguist said...

Thanks for sharing the contest information! I'll take the second of those prizes any day (the first is definitely for you). Thanks so much for the compliments on the simurgh stole -- I have only taken it off to sleep since finishing it. It goes very nicely with denim skirts (my uniform of choice) :)