21 December 2007

The home stretch

Thursday afternoon I finished teaching lessons until January, so it's off to finish some gifts. Pointy sticks at the ready...

Knitting pictures to balance out the holiday activity-centric blogging of late:

pattern: Fiber Trends' Felt Clog (one of what is to hopefully be gifted as a pair)
yarn: Lamb's Pride Worsted

pattern: The Fiber Pirate's Mistletoe Ornament
yarn: Frog Tree Sport (leaves), Cascade 220 (berries), random rug wool (bow)

Shameless Marie-Mayhew-o-Rama to follow:
pattern: Woolly Gingerbread Cookie
yarn: Frog Tree Sport (small), Cascade 220 Heathers (large), 220 and rug wool as above (decorations)

pattern: Felted Nest Ornament
yarn: Frog Tree Sport, blue roving

The weekend promises to be fiber-rich, so stay tuned for further maniacal progress. Happy knitting!


Knitting Linguist said...

You are so productive! I'm very impressed :) I love those mistletoe ornaments -- definitely something to consider for next year (it's FAR too late to even THINK about adding anything to my knitting list; I've got 14 batches of granola to churn out in the next two days, on top of finishing this pair of socks!). Good luck, and merry Christmas!

Eric said...

Go! Go! Go! The mistletoe ornaments are very cute--haven't seen that recipe anywhere. Will have to look into it for next year. And I've knit four of the gingerbread men, but have yet to felt them. Where will I find red roving?

Knitting Linguist said...

Hi :) I don't want to hijack your comments, but thanks for the herring/spinning advice -- putting those two together would indeed be dreadful! ;)

Jaqlin said...

Hi:)Yours site is fab, lots of great stuff in hear.
I wounder if you can share yours Woolly Gingerbread Cookie pattern whit me? I love them! :)
I didd try to knite them, but they dossent look like yors, an i want them too. *lol*
I have mail you on Ravelry too.
Have i nice day!