09 April 2008

Busy, busy, busy

We are officially in the throes of Celebrity Weekend Mania. Really, it couldn't get much crazier and exciting. Squee!

Tomorrow evening The Yarnery is hosting Stephanie Pearl-McPhee, a.k.a. The Yarn Harlot, in Saint Paul on her whirlwind book tour. I didn't see her when she came to town last year (scroll to her April 8 blog post), but I understand it was an amazing event. This year there are over 600 pumped-up knitters waiting to soak in every word that tumbles from her Canadian face. Jess, Eric, Scott and I will be providing a musical appetizer to her presentation; more about that tomorrow or Friday. Heh heh heh...

The second Friday each month is Men's Knit Night at Ye Olde Yarnery, under the gentle tutelage of the aforementioned Scott and Eric. In two days our next celebrity visitor will hopefully arrive in town in time to join them: Franklin Habit, another amazing wit and knitter with a penchant for photography. This Chicagoan's blogging makes me LOL ATDT.

Saturday. Ah, Saturday. The Minnesota Knitters' Guild is holding its annual Yarnover at Minnetonka High School in Hopkins. The Yarnery is bringing Franklin to the event to photograph willing subjects for his 1,000 Knitters Project. If you are interested in participating, there is still room on his schedule. Call The Yarnery ASAP to reserve a time - I'm guessing any remaining spots will be filled immediately by walk-ins on Saturday.

All right, knitters. Synchronize your watches. And come Monday, I don't want to hear anyone saying there was nothing to do this weekend.

Hope to see you out and about and proudly knitting in public!

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