29 April 2008

This little light of mine

The week of celebration has begun.

I let it shine.
I blew it out.
I ate the cupcake.

Then I took a picture of Kidlet's sweater-in-progress:

pattern: Children's Neckdown Bolero, by Knitting Pure & Simple
main yarn: Adrienne Vitadini Trina (butter)
contrast yarn: RYC Cashsoft Aran (tornado)
needles: KnitPicks Options Harmony interchangeable circular US#8, US#7; Denise interchangeable circular US#8 (40" length for Magic Loop-ing sleeves)

Knit something soft!


Eric said...

How good to I feel that I saw you on your birthday and never wished you a happy birthday? Not so good. Happy birthday, Meema. And who was that b---- at the Yarnery who kept you from helping me for so long?

Shea said...

Happy birthday!