03 April 2008

Socks (a knitting post)

I have the urge to knit a pair of socks. Maybe it's because I've been questing after non-irritating sock yarn for my mom, who can't use most wool products. Maybe it's the upcoming knitting celeb visit The Yarnery is hosting - or the gorgeous new sock yarns that arrived in the store last week. Whatever the reason, I've swatched some stash yarns:
two different colorways of BooFly Sock (60 merino/30 bamboo/10 nylon) by Fly Designs. The blue and purple
looked much more subtle on the website; in person it's a bit clownish.

Anne (60 merino/25 mohair/15 nylon), by Schaefer Yarn. I love this color, but the yarn really wants to tangle itself, even in a center-pull ball. (Note the book and video in the background...)

Confession about the blue/purple: I was drawn to this colorway because, as a little girl, I was certain that my wedding colors would be light blue and lavender. Every time my mom and I were in a fabric store, I could be found in the special occasion fabrics, holding those two colors of satin together and confirming my "plans". (Our attendants wore sage green.)

A moment of weakness has this big skein of sock yarn (75 wool/25 nylon) coming my way from Etsy artist FatCatKnits. The colorway is called Uptown - isn't it pretty?

In other news, this is the Ravatar of Heatherly Walker, a designer I discovered on Ravelry. It says it all perfectly.

Happy tiny stitches, everyone!

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