28 April 2008


One skein (or partial) to complete a knitting project in the manner planned...

yarn needed: RYC Cashsoft Aran
color: #008 - Tornado

I had every good intention to make this a stash-busting-only project. It would have worked out, too, had I not decided the sweater needed contrasting colored bands, cuffs, and collar; my orphan ball of Cashsoft was enough to do everything but the 2T sleeve cuffs. AARRRGGH!

Aside from the blue shortage, the sweater itself is coming along charmingly. The body is knit in a buttery Adrienne Vitadini Trina (has great sproing, but prone to splitting). I'll try to take some in-progress pictures later tonight.

So if you have a bit of this yarn wandering haplessly around your stash, let me know. It would be well purposed and most appreciated!

UPDATE: How much do I love Ravelry? Let me tell you. I searched the site for Cashsoft Aran, and found a handful of people with this color in their stashes (in varying degrees of project commitment). Claire, a knitter from Alberta, had one ball that seemed to be unpurposed, so I inquired if she could be financially swayed to part with said ball o' yarn. This was her reply:

"Y’know what, how about I just send you the ball. I bought it awhile ago and never did figure out what I’d do with this lone ball... I think it would be better off going to someone who would use it rather than sitting in my stash endlessly."

And the weirdest part of this cosmic knitterly windfall? Claire's ball is the same freakin' dye lot as mine. Woah.

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Scott R said...

I feel badly that I don't this yarn to give you, especially since I'm the Super Duper Grand Prize King of the World Winner!!!! Yea for Meema!