27 April 2008

I'm back

Wow. Five days and 100 suggestions later, here we are. Dang, it's hard for me to keep quiet that long.

My parents are moving (relocating in same suburb), and Kidlet and I went to help out this weekend. She was so excited to "help carry Nana's baby plants." And carry she did, back and forth from house to car, over and over. She's developing more of a sense of her own capabilities and limitations, and is really is eager to help and participate whenever she can, which is fabulous in my book.

The St. Paul Craftstravaganza came and went yesterday. I had initially planned on attending, but thought twice when I considered dealing with the crowds with Kidlet - she doesn't like the stroller (too confining), is too big to be carried for hours (too heavy), and walking in crowds is awkward (grownups aren't looking out for someone her size). Next crafty event on the calendar: Crafted Together, in White Bear Lake this Saturday, 3 May.

Knit on, earth-friendly ones!


Eric said...

Bring Slow Donnie back!

Michelle said...

Well, the Craftstravaganza was FREEZING...which may have kept some of the crowds away, but it was not a pleasant experience. My toes were like blocks of ice by the time I left!