16 April 2008

Word travels fast

I'm amazed (and a bit weirded out) how the Harlot songs have been making the rounds in the knitting sphere. I wrote them just to serve as a funny little thang before Stephanie Pearl-McPhee took the stage last week in St. Paul. Now the video clips have had thousands of hits on YouTube, kind words are flying about, and we were even mentioned on Lime & Violet's Daily Chum. (If you don't know these two ladies, check out their podcast here - I think they're hilarious. The DC is their daily blog of knitting tidbits.) Dang.

In knitting news, I just frogged my Chevron Scarf morsel. Ah, sweet freedom! I wasn't happy with the appearance of the scarf (not a fan of scarves that have a distinct wrong side), and the color combination I chose wasn't knitting up with the contrast I was hoping to see. Sometimes it's a relief to put an unsatisfactory project out of its misery and liberate the yarn for another project. Maybe a pair of socks with the Claudia Hand Painted? We shall see...

Knit on!


Jess said...

I am so proud to know such a famous lyricist!!!

Eric said...

They like us! They really really like us!