05 October 2008

Blogger pride

The Medtronic Twin Cities Marathon was held today. I don't know how the runners felt about the weather, but it was fairly sucky for spectating at the beginning of the race - cold and rainy. Cate, husband mWAK, and offspring B and D braved the damp and drear and, with me and Kidlet, cheered on our friends from the southwest end of Lake Calhoun.

eWAC, in the red hat, showing fine form early on (time stamp 8:45 am).

Scott, in white shirt and hat, in his first-ever marathon (9:05 am).

Now before you jump to conclusions and think that Scooter's running technique is akin to Phoebe's, let me explain: Eric ran past us and, knowing Scott would be following, we prepared to wait a bit. Well, it was pretty chilly. And wet. And nature called B's name. So when the AnderClan left, Kidlet was ready to leave as well. "Let's wait one more minute," I proposed. We waited, cheering others on as they passed (I love it when they write their names on their shirts!), but it soon became clear it was time to find a warm place to have cocoa.

I stowed my camera in my pocket and, as we were about to turn and leave for the car, who runs toward us but Scooter. We hollered and waved, and the desperate photographer in me said "Wait! Wait!" as he approached and passed. (As if he's about to slow his slammin' pace for a photo op.) Anyway, he valiantly faced over his shoulder for several paces as I fumbled with the camera, but I snapped only as he returned to an upright and forward-facing posture. What a trooper, that Scott.

It was a fun morning for us, despite the bone-chilling conditions. I couldn't be more proud of my friends - congratulations, guys!


Scott Rohr said...

Thank you so much, and thanks for sticking around! I saw Mark and Cate et al just a few feet later, and I had no clue that you were all about to leave. I'm really glad to have seen you; i smiled for the next couple miles. And then, well, it just sucked again.

Michelle said...

I was all set to walk over to Summit and watch the runners go by...but it was cold and rainy and then I was happy on the couch with newspaper and coffee, so I skipped it. Thanks for sharing your photos!

Eric said...

Seeing the A&P families was such a great sight. Thanks for being there and in such sloppy conditions. You all rock!