27 October 2008

Dome Dogs for dinner

State Tourney season is upon us, and so the weather turns colder. We hit 40ºF today, and it was a blustery one. I [heart] knitting weather! But I digress...

Kidlet, J and I were Metrodome-bound this afternoon on the light rail train to cheer on our friend, Andrew. His sister, Lindsey, stopped to greet us (she also plays futbol, but obviously on the women's team).

St. Louis Park played Bloomington Jefferson, and was it a nail-biter!

The game was tied 1-1 after two 10-minute overtime periods, so the teams went to a shootout. As Andrew approached his shot, SLP students hailed him with the "We're not worthy" salute. So. True. He made it with ease.

(Sorry for the poor video quality.)

Next game is Thursday night. GO PARK!!!


Cate said...

Thanks for cheering for us!!

Cate said...

MD thinks I should have made my comment a bit more clear... But you know what I mean. Thanks for traveling up there, sitting in a large, loud room with other screaming people, supporting Andrew and his team to VICTORY!!!

(There is that better MD?)

Meema said...


It wasn't insanely loud, like a Twins or Vikings game (thank heavens!). The train ride was highly entertaining. And the remarkable thing was that Kidlet lasted THE WHOLE GAME. She was a trooper! She even (modestly) cheered out loud.

Eric said...

Yeah, especially since we forgot. At least we can go Thursday!

Meema said...

Color me jealous - I wish we could be there, too.