06 October 2008

Meg and Ben - 4 Oct 2008

The following post is one day out of chronological order - apologies to my fixed linear readers.

J, Kidlet and I travelled to remote pockets of SE Minnesota on Saturday to celebrate the wedding of a sweet young couple. It was a glorious day (aside from my navigation frustrations - sorry, J).

The ceremony was outside Nerstrand, MN, at a quaint clapboard church perched high on a hill surrounded by rolling farmland. The "new" church was yards away from the "old". Kidlet had opportunity to stretch her legs and explore the churchyard after the 22-minute ceremony.

Reception followed in Miesville, with dinner and dancing. Kidlet's first motivation was cake, but then the prospect of dancing took priority. She was about to jump out of her skin as she waiting for the bride and groom to "finish their dancing" so she could join in. Kidlet would probably have danced until she passed out with fatigue, but her mommies cut the night short and headed home (still well after dark).

Every happiness to Meg and Ben - congratulations!

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