28 October 2008

Does this capelet make my boobs look big?

... from SPACE???(Please excuse the poor color photo above - it's my phone camera. Some of us don't have iPhones.)

The Meema Files would like to thank Nicky Epstein's new book, Knitting on Top of the World, for today's contribution to the Just Say No department: The Fair Isle Tam Capelet.

One question, Nicky: what inspired you to put big round platters of colorwork atop your boobies?

"Hey, I have a spare swatch platter - I'll just throw that one on the back like so..."


Michelle said...

Ugh! Why? Why?

Knitting Linguist said...

Snicker. From space. Hehe. What was she thinking?

Cate said...

Holy Crap!

deb said...