19 October 2008

The perfect fifth

Maybe it's because I'm a geek (this time, musical). Maybe it's because I'm a church musician and it's Sunday. For whatever reason, I felt compelled to share this video with y'all. I hope you find it funny, too; if not, well, more's the pity.


Jess said...

Where did you find that? I was laughing out loud in front of my computer.

Meema said...

A singer/composer/director friend of mine sent me the clip via facebook. That was my initial reaction, too!

If you go the clip's YouTube listing, the person who posted this also has many other clips from the show with subtitles (which I prefer, as I don't know a lick of French). It's a French series sendup of Arthurian legend. Damn funny stuff, but this one is one of the better, IMHO.

Knitting Linguist said...

Bwahaha! Perfect. And some of the comments were even funnier in French than the translation. Heh. :)

deb said...

Outstanding. Am sending all my music nerd relatives your link. (Some relatives are also knitting nerds.)

Me, I loves the tri-tones.

PS cute hair, nice evensong