11 October 2008

Pardon me, the gals are almost here

The Yarnery is hosting another knitterly book tour stop! This time Ann Shayne and Kay Gardiner, authors of the snarkily successful Mason-Dixon Knitting books, will be joining us in Saint Paul tomorrow. Y'all should come! Admission is free, and there are still tickets available. (The Yarnery opens at noon tomorrow, but I think you can come to WM and still get in.)

where: William Mitchell College of Law Auditorium

time: doors open at 12:00, show begins at 1:00 pm

any bonuses? Yes, the Yarnery Family Singers will be there, too. Though it seems Ann and Kay will be giving us a run for our money...

See you there!

1 comment:

Eric said...

Nice work, Meema. Your gifts as a lyricist have shined again. Can't wait for you to post the video!