28 July 2008

The need for strategery

For those who may not know me well, a confession: I can be a bit compulsive with a camera in my hand.

On two separate choir tours to the British Isles (back in the days of actual 35mm film), I shot between 25 and 30 rolls on each trip.

In college (film again), I was the queen of dorm life photo documentation.

Now, with the digital age upon us and without the constraints of film processing loans, I often run amok with the camera, knowing things can be deleted and easily stored away without paper. On this road trip, I cruised through many, MANY batteries while snapping in tourist mode. And what, pray tell, was Meema's magic number of vacation shutter clicks?

1 , 5 6 3

Papa and Sis took an enormous pile of pics as well. We plan on getting together this week to help each other remember what the hell we were pointing our cameras at. Seriously, details have already begun to blur:

Look, there's a building.
Hey, another building.
See that building?

There are a lot of freakin' buildings in New York.

Don't expect to see all the photographic goodies right away; this girl needs her vacation recovery sleep. I'll start editing and making slide shows suitable for posting, for which you may ooh and aah appropriately.

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deb said...

Several years ago I read a nice piece, I think in the New Yorker, about digital photography. It was at the point where digital was only for early adopters, and we didn't know yet that film was going away.

The guy said that the main difference between amateur photographers and professional photographers was that the pros take many many more pictures, thus improving their chances of getting a few good ones. At the time, I think the hobbyists were shooting 50-100 pictures a year and the pros were shooting 1500 (according to my very unreliable memory).

It was a good article that helped justify buying a digital camera before we went to Alaska, where it's impossible to be a bad photographer. I was a newbie, so I only shot 600 pictures.

Now I think 1500 seems about right.