30 July 2008

Slice of the Big Apple #5

token photo by Jason R. DeCesareWe rode the subway A LOT. If there were frequent flyer miles for riding the trains, we'd have come close to cashing them in for a free trip to Antigua.

The mosaic art on the station and platform walls ranged from old-world classic to vivid contemporary expression, and was a beautiful distraction while running around. I was a bit fixated.

This billboard from the tunnel didn't quite fit into the rest of the slide show. It cries out for its own classification, but which I'm not sure. Oddity? Just Say No? Feel free to express your opinion in the sidebar poll.

ADDENDUM, to record the sidebar poll for posterity:
"This photo is..."
choice 1: "... sooo what I need! Does Walgreens carry it?" (1 vote)
choice 2: "... an ad. No big whup." (3 votes)
choice 3: "... odd. Where else but New York?" (1 vote)
choice 4: "... insane! OMG - Just Say No!" (1 vote)


Cate said...

I love it! Can we do the armpits too?

mlegan said...

Oh man, that is sooo NY. As you know , I have recently gone natural. I'm not telling about anywhere else.....

deb said...

When the Rohrschach Test is scored, one of the (many crazy) things to look for is whether the patient "sees" the various body parts in the inkblots. Several of the cards have at least one penis, and most people see breasts on at least one card (and are able to say that out loud to the test administrator).

When a person doesn't see or comment on the body parts, they are said to have "sex shock."

On a completely different topic, the most interesting part of this post to me is the old subway tokens. How cool are they??