03 July 2008

Oh give me a home

Looking for an interesting place to hang your hat under the Big Sky? Check out this barn conversion designed by Knitting Iris' DH.

p.s. It's on the market. Go to the MLS search and enter number 280619. Start saving your pennies.

Hoo boy.


Cate said...

MD and I have often fantasized about living in a space that wasn't meant to be a home. Like a barn or a church. I will definitely be checking this out!

Have a good 4th as well!
Note: Sweet Niblits comes from Hannah Montana, I guess, so use with caution!! :)

Scott Rohr said...

Hey Cate, It's my dream to live in a nontraditional place too. Maybe we should buy a big church and make a duplex! Triplex if Meema wants in, too.

And Angie, I've been to Eureka, MT. Not too shabby a spot they have there.

Meema said...

Triplex or bust!

Cate said...

Let's do it! Seriously!