21 July 2008

On the road

A brief note of howdy from the open trail. We travelled about 750 miles yesterday, stopping for the night in Lansing, MI. We have neither killed nor abandoned any member of our party as of this posting. More photos to come.
(DISCLAIMER: Readers from the great state of Indiana, please do not take this personally; you've overcome great hardship in your lives, and we are all proud of you.) Gary, Indiana is a most unfortunate selling point for the state of Indiana. Definitely looking for another route home...


Cate said...

Safe Travels!
We HAVE to go to get yum yums upon your return.

deb said...

Didn't Chevy Chase make a movie out of this trip you're doing?

It's the kind of thing that keeps my family therapy pals in business. Very brave !!

If no one comes home and immediately changes her last name and gets a PO Box and screens all phone calls for the next two years, you're a very very nice family.