29 July 2008

Slice of the Big Apple #4

After leaving Canada we drove through western New York, then headed south into PA on our way to the hotel in NJ.

I loved the landscape in the Allegheny-Pocono-Appalachian-whatever-range-I-forgot.

Why I Am a Lesbian, Reason #37. (If you can't read the back of his jacket, it says "White Trash Racing Team." Yeay, baby.)

This rest stop was stunning. Gary IN, please take note.

Dad shows his affections for East Coast driving.

Travel tale: the hotel where we were staying is literally one mile from the George Washington Bridge into Manhattan, on the Jersey side. Needed to make some very specific road maneuvers to get there; we didn't. Meema's new phone with GPS capability to the rescue!

The next picture doesn't give you any idea of the sheer terror that was our hotel's driveway. Imagine whipping around a corner of the New Jersey turnpike, then immediately veering right and sailing up the incline of a 75-foot jet carrier landing strip. (I'm standing in the doorway of the hotel lobby taking this picture.) There was much nervous laughter after we executed our first entrance, let me tell you.

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Mary Lou said...

Makes my Jersey Girl heart beat faster...