27 July 2008

So tired

Aren't vacations supposed to be restful?

We're on our way home, one person lighter (no pat-, mat-, or soro- types of events; sister just had to fly home early), and hanging our hats in lovely (? it's dark) Toledo, Ohio for the night. I wanted to scratch a few words to say

Oh, yeah, and I love New York.One could even say that I [heart] it.


Scott Rohr said...

We miss you you, too, and I realize I'm not the peeps you were talking about. But still. And I want to see lots of pictures.

Meema said...

You very much are one of my aforementioned peeps, silly man. Who would I be speaking of, aside from my darling Kidlet (who, BTW, I missed like there was no tomorrow, but that's another tale)?