22 July 2008

O Canada, and then some

Pictures later. Just use your imagination for now.

Second day of the trip is behind us. We criss-crossed Michigan, entered into Canada without so much of a cursory glance at a driver's license, and made it to our first tourist destination: Toronto, specifically Lettuce Knit. If you don't read Stephanie Pearl-McPhee's blog regularly, do. It's so worth it to read this one all. the. way. back - she's that funny. Anyway, this is her LYS of choice, and I can see why. After visiting the neighborhood and shop (and purchasing several skeins - souvenir yarn doesn't count as stash, right?), I am completely chartreuse with envy. I came away loving Toronto as a whole and that 'hood in particular.

Second tourist destination: Niagara Falls, the Canadian side. Didn't intend to make it a nightfall trip, but it was quite lovely. And damp. Screw the hair, eh? The only complaint I and the rest of my crew have is that Canadians need BIGGER SIGNAGE in heavily touristed areas. It took us almost a friggin' hour to find the durn bridge to get across whatever water that was to the New York side. BTW, apparently the US Border patrol is trying to thin the herd. Just let us in, already...

Heading to New York today for the Big Game. Pray for us.


deb said...

Nice travelog.

Toronto is sooooo good. When I practice "O Canada" I always bask in the Toronto memoryglow.

Did you go through a little town on the Canadian side called Niagara on the Lake? It's so cute, it looks like a fakey postcard photo.

squab said...

Ooh, I love Toronto. Would totally want to live there if it weren't for the damn cold.

And yeah, isn't it weird that the Canadian side of the falls is so much tackier than the US side? I'm used to it being the other way around!