03 February 2008

Book Stash 101

Day 34 (26) of Blog365.

Greetings, all! Not a big news day here in the northland. Mild weather, almost to the point of boring. Kidlet and I spent the weekend at Nana and Papa's house again (closer proximity to all of the birthday goings-on, plus I don't want her staying in my apartment until mold issues are resolved - blech).

I worked at The Yarnery this afternoon, which was pleasantly busy until about an hour before the Super Bowl started, then [cricket, cricket, cricket]. I picked up a nice little pattern for knitted/felted coffee cup sleeves; pictures will come soon. Another item that, if I remember to bring it with me to a coffee shop, will save a tree or two. May have to make these for people I know...

If you are looking for some inspiration for the end of winter, I found a great website for sale priced books. Bargain Yarns has a great page of "damaged" knitting books for half price. The imperfections are cosmetic, generally cover or spine related, and the contents are uncompromised. The majority that I've seen have barely discernable flaws, and if they are for me anyway, no big dealio! Inventory varies from time to time, so check back often.

A ho-hum post for a ho-hum day, but hopefully savory details of projects and yarn tomorrow. Happy knitting!


Scott said...

Tick tock Clarice.

Eric said...

And Hillary was right across the street from you!