10 February 2008

May I have the envleope, please...

(One judge has not judged yet: “I’m busy,” said he,
So on to results with two judges, not three.)

Thank you, oh thank you, for playing with me!
I’ve loved every entry and giggled with glee.

Your talents abound; well, of that there’s no doubt.
“My readership rocks!” I just want to shout.

If only a way there was you to repay…
Yes, I know, the prizes; they’re soon on their way!

The poetry ends here; deal with it. And the trophy is a mere graphic representation of the pride and sense of profound achievement soon to be radiating from the winners. Again, you may deal.

First Prize, Rated G: monica
Comments putting this poem in front:
“Wonderful use of knitting terms.”
"Tinking - I love it!"

First Prize, Rated PG-13: Scott
Comments that made this poem shine:
“Enjoyed the multiple global references."
"You can knit while you poop?"

Runner-Up: ikkinlala
What made the poem special to you?
"There was great rhythm to the piece."
"Props for using Orenburg - dang!"

monica, Scott, and ikkinlala: please send me your e-mail addresses (angie AT paulsonstudios DOT com). I will then forward stash photos so you can choose your prizes from the pile o' alpaca.

Thanks again to everyone who entered: MamaMay, cthulhulovesme, squiggi, monica, sjmercure, ikkinlala, and Put a Sock in it. Will you all please e-mail me your names and snail mail addresses (see above)? Since this was my first contest, I think everyone who entered needs an alpaca yarn snack. I love receiving packages - especially if they contain yarny goodness - and I bet you do, too.

Happy knitting, all!


Scott said...

What fun! I'd forgotten all about this contest! :)

I love rereading everyone's couplets. Thanks for the great and generous contest, Meema!

Shea said...

Oh wow! Thanks! I'm emailing you right away. How generous! I had loads of fun coming up with knitting poetry.

Put a Sock in it said...

Thanks so much. =) Great fun all around.

monica said...

Thank you very much! Did you get my email?

ikkinlala said...

This was a fun contest!

(I sent you an e-mail a couple of days ago.)

Ms. P said...

I received the e-mails, just trying to get better color pics of the yard to show you! I hope to e-mail on Friday. :-)

Ms. P said...