11 February 2008


My secondary job as a church musician is a rewarding one. Not only do I get to sing with a great group of people, but I now have the pleasure of hearing our new priest-in-charge sermonize every week. Marlene Jacobs is an amazing preacher (speaker, if you're more comfortable), and her sermon yesterday still has me thinking and telling anyone who will listen. And since you are my devoted and slightly captive audience...

Her sermon began with a personal anecdote, which seemed innocent enough at the onset. Going40 has transcribed it on his blog, so go read this and come right back. Go.

As a mother, I was horrified at the report; as a human being, I was profoundly saddened. It has been far too easy to grow complacent with my existence and the shouldering of my mid-American "needs" and "troubles," taking for granted the simple facts that my daughter is healthy, there is food in the cupboards, and beds to sleep in.

Marlene then mentioned the website FreeRice.com (see button on the sidebar). It's an online vocabulary game; for each correct reponse, 20 grains of rice are donated by the site's sponsors through the United Nations to help end world hunger. A small gesture, to be sure, but one that is cumulative and educational.

If you are looking for a bigger gesture, there will be an economic stimulus check heading your way this spring. It could serve as a drop in the bucket of the American recession, or it could have a profound impact on the survival of people all over the world. I'm just sayin'.

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