25 February 2008

Knitterly knews

The latest projects on needles:

pattern: The "Pidge"
yarn: Misti Alpaca Chunky Handpainted - 1 hank
needles: Knit Picks Options Harmony US#11
still needed: two vintage buttons

This is a short neckwarmer – only 4.5” wide, 25” long – but great for a little splurge on this gorgeous yarn. The pattern is double knitted throughout, and made to be a shop model at The Yarnery. Double knitting + chunky alpaca = very toasty neck.

pattern: Log Cabin Blanket, inspired by Mason Dixon Knitting
yarn: Mission Falls 1824 Cotton (waaay too many skeins!)
needles: Knit Picks Options Harmony US#6

Kidlet and I found a new duvet cover and sham set for her bed at IKEA, and I decided to make a coordinating big-girl blanket to complete the transformation. I love the yarn (great colors and texture), but I'm still partial to knitting with animal fibers; j'aime le sproingy memory of wool.

Several years ago I was given a pattern-a-day knitting calendar. If you've never seen one, there are usually a handful of noteworthy ideas, with the rest being recycling fodder. Anyway, this weekend we also went to the LYS to drop off a Secret Project (to be revealed after the gifting). Remembering a pattern from the aforementioned calendar, Kidlet selected a very rainbow-y hank of Koigu PPPM for me to make little knitted fishies. I cast on this weekend, and will post pictures once they start looking like something.

Knit like you've never dropped a stitch!


monica said...

I love the Misti alpaca - I made a tiny little scarf, and I love it!

Scott said...

Eric and I have both talked about doing log cabin blankets. Kidlet is so lucky. 1824 used to be my favorite cotton yarn. It's never been the same since they changed mills (less supple), but the colors are still great, and I love love love the new variegated choices.