19 February 2008

Green goes the world

z0"font-family:trebuchet ms;">My friend Cate blogged some of her favorite green places to shop the other day, and I thought it was a great idea; here are some of mine. Feel free to leave the URLs of your faves in the comments. Remember, 35% of your grade is based on classroom participation...

3R Living: Lots of great sustainable products. I saw their recycled magazine coasters on another blog, but they're not currently available back in stock (thanks, mWAK).

EcoBags: These have been everywhere, from Oprah to Whole Foods.

Sigg bottles: Aluminum is looking like a less toxic alternative to plastics. Something to consider. (I do like my Nalgenes, though...)

flip and tumble bags: heh heh heh. I do like a bag that folds into itself.

your conscience bags: A convenient and self-contained set of four shopping bags. Say something while you shop.

EnviroSax: One of the more fashionable totes out there. A variety of fabric designs, including many appropriate for men to carry. They roll up to almost nothing. I received one as a holiday gift from the LYS, and I love it.

Kiss your planet, and happy knitting!

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Mark said...

The coasters are back in stock now.

Mark (3r Living)