04 February 2008

For your consideration

A Knitter’s Alphabet
(Rated PG-13) by Meema

A is for afterthought pocket or thumb.
B is for bobble, nine stitches in one.

C with an O means cast on and begin.
D is for darning of socks worn too thin.

E is for entrelac, square upon square.
F is for fringe – give your scarf flowing hair!

G is for gansey, complex as can be.
H is for Harlot, like Steph Pearl-McFee.

I is for inches; we count stitches per.
J is for Jersey Isles, where knitters were.

K is for knitting (duh, that’s why we’re here).
L is for lace, and for some it strikes fear.

M is for make one, just like dear EZ.
N is for nests made by our friend Marie.

O is for over, like yarn-___ (makes a hole).
P is for pins, or the needles of old.

Q is for quiet some need to create.
R is for Ravelry, making me late!

S is for silk; from the East it was brought.
T is for tink, to undo what you’ve wrought.

U is for Uruguay, where ‘Brigo’s king.
V is for variegated, colorful string.

W’s for weave in ends; many doth vex.
X is Xpedition (as in S.E.X.).

Y is for yak, soft enough for your nose.
Z, like a zipper, my rhyme will now close.

Makes you wonder what's coming next, no?


Put a Sock in it said...

I like it, but I'm sorry, you missed the deadline! ;)

Ms. P said...

I'm a little slow that way...