17 February 2008

Kitchener remodel

(Gratuitous - no, slightly topical - Heir Apparent photo for certain readers of my blog... and you're welcome.)

I like socks. Knitting them, to be specific. I haven't made obscene numbers, but I love all the different elements involved in a small, portable project. Bored with the cuff? No problem - here comes the heel flap. Sick of the gusset? Head to the toe decreases!

My one beef with sock knitting is The K Word. For some reason or another, I found it impossible to graft two sock toes identically. The first might come out pristine and lovely, and then the second would look like a 4-year-old had mistaken the toe seam for his lacing card. Raised, obtrusive, and comparitively not pretty or comfortable. It didn't matter if I was staring at pictures for every step, watching a video, or trying crazy pneumonic devices, this method did not mesh with my inner knitter. No way, no how.

But suffer no more! This tutorial for a toe-up cast-on was featured in knitty's Spring 2006 issue, and has changed my outlook on sock knitting forever. Toe-up socks seem so logical - starting at the toes, you can make the cuffs as long as you have yarn, rather than guessing when you should start the heel flap. And how pretty are those pics at right? Who wouldn't want their piggies to nestle into those perfectly seamless cocoons?

On This Day trivia: In 1904, the opera Madama Butterfly by Giacomo Puccini had its world premiere at La Scala in Milan.

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