05 May 2008

B and B

... and not the fun, escape-for-the-weekend one.

I have two friends - B and B - who, in the course of the past five days, have each received life-changing diagnoses. They hail from different parts of my life (singing and teaching); their illnesses are different (congestive heart failure and colorectal cancer); and their prognoses are, sadly, different as well. Today was a day of not good news.

I know each of these people could use all the support they can get. Please hold them up in whatever way you choose for strength, healing, and peace.


Knitting Linguist said...

I am so sorry to hear about this news! I will be sending strong thoughts to both of them (and to you, as you support them through this!). *hugs*

Cate said...

As I move through my day - I will take time to think of each of these people.