11 May 2008

Moms all around

Today was a busy day. Mother's Day (making gifties), Pentecost (dress in red!), and baptism day for our parish.

Kidlet and I finished up J's gifts this morning before heading off to church - a Hello Kitty punch-out-and-string-up necklace/card that really sold itself (Kidlet could hardly contain herself at the card store) and a mommy bracelet with Kidlet's name and birthstone (I assisted with the beading tech).

Cate and MD's son D was baptized in today's service. Scott and I are now official members of his spiritual entourage. D and B had a whole mess of cousins in attendance, so Kidlet had a great time playing.

Here's what the godmother made for the newly saved soul - an Anglican rosary of sterling and garnet (the Birthstone Fairy strikes again).

Kidlet and I will be celebrating with Nana this Thursday, so it's really a week long holiday this year. Gotta love that!

On a weirder note, this Arkansas mother is expecting her eighteenth child. She has been pregnant for 135 months of her life. The oldest boy is twenty years old. They are all home schooled. And taught piano. And violin.

Down, Dad, down.

Kinda minimizes our own complaints about being "too busy," doesn't it?

Happy Mother's Day to you and/or your mom!

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