12 May 2008

Monday, Monday...

(bah dah, bah dah-dah dah) so good to me.

Glorious breezy spring day here in the Twin Cities today! Kidlet had wanted to go to the Minnesota Children's Museum, but as it is closed on Mondays, we went to the park instead (even better). Between flying our pocket kite, exploring the playground equipment, rescuing an earthworm, and picking violets, a grand time was had out-of doors.

Bus fixation update: we were out at the perfect time this afternoon. Just today we counted 38 buses. Woo-hoo!

The planets are apparently lined up favorably for my stash (unfavorably for my wallet). There's an LYS just up the hill from one of my schools, and they were anticipating the arrival of an order of Flat Feet sock yarn. I've been a bit obsessed with the concept of this yarn. Anyway, I called most days last week with negative results. Then I dialed the shop today. Instead of ringing, I heard someone dialing their phone. "Hello?" I said. "Oh, sorry. Hello, this is the Yarn Garage." I told her I was calling about the Flat Feet yarn. She was dialing my number to tell me she had just opened the delivery box of - you guessed it - Flat Feet sock yarn. Dude.

I chose slightly safe colors this go-round, but I'm thinking this is likely not the end of my experience knitting from flats. Heh heh heh.

OH! I almost forgot to blog this: on Saturday I received my I-[heart]-Ravelry extra ball of Cashsoft Aran from Claire. Thank you so much!!!

Knit with gusto, people.


Scott R said...

Okay. I guess I need to be the dumb one, and ask: What is cool about this yarn concept? What am I missing? I just don't get it.

Arsie said...


I'm glad you got it safe and sound, I was sitting over here biting my nails afraid something would happen to it and it wouldn't get to you.

deb said...


Cass Elliot. What a gorgeous voice she had.

And, while I'm on torchy voices and tortured women, Karen Carpenter.

I guess I'm spilling my R&R trip down memory lane all over other people's blogs this week.

Meema said...

to Deb:
J'aime la voix de Karen Carpenter aussi. I grew up listening to her and Richard's albums (M&D being members of the Columbia Record and Tape Club, and all - I also am insanely familiar with The Sons of the Pioneers).

to Scott:
There's a geeky element to the novel presentation. Also, I'm curious as hell to see how the flat dye job knits into a 3D object.

Stacey said...

Ooo, I want to try Flat Feet, it just looks so interesting!