14 May 2008

Wednesday wisdom

From the "Just Say No" department:

Never tote a Smart Ones® microwaveable entree in your knitting bag. It doesn't stay frozen as long as you think it might, and it does leak.

Especially the marinara sauce.

I'm just sayin'.


Cate said...

I hope it comes out!

I could write some articles for that department as well. :)

incaknits said...

Oh Meema, I'm so sorry about your knitting. Did all of this happen while we were chatting last night? On the bright side your petite bolero will make you all hungry when you snuggle in.

Meema said...

I think the soaking was more from melted ice/frost tinged with marinara than the full-strength sauce; I'm fairly confident there'll be no lasting stains.

And no, Sarah, this didn't happen last night (but now it smells ever so lightly of baby shampoo). It was fun catching up with you!

Scott R said...

This is a cool way to consider beginning hand-dying yarn. Marinara Mist: your newest colorway

deb said...

Everyone seems to have a lifetime palette colorway.

Some people might think I like red and black, but mostly I dress in peanut butter and tea with splashes of salad dressing.

ikkinlala said...

Good to know!

bamknits said...

I had an edible-mess-in-my-knitting-bag moment this week too. Picture a large, slushy margarita on a night stand...tipping over onto a pile of knitting books/mags, my felted yarn tote, current project and notions bag. We're talking at least 8 ounces of sweet, sticky beverage. I guess that'll learn me to mix alcohol and knitting!

Meema said...

to bamknits:

You win. I hope the books are salvageable!