30 May 2008

Cute as a bug

(Betcha you thought this post was about my Kidlet - no, not this time.)

Have you ever contemplated your place in the world? Wondered what it is that you're meant to contribute to better society? If you were considering micro- or nano-knitting, get back to the drawing board; Althea Crome has cornered the market single-handedly. Seriously, I think her entire body of work can fit in one hand.

This sweater is knit to 1:12 scale (think dollhouse):

...as are these gloves.

These sweaters are knit at 1:144 (a dollhouse for a dollhouse):

My eyes hurt just thinking about it.

1 comment:

Shea said...

Personally, I think anyone who knits at this scale are freakin' nuts. But that's just my opinion! :)