07 May 2008

Flat Feet

I'm not sure how many are familiar with this product, but when I first read about it, my inner (OK, outer) knitting geek became a wee bit giddy.

(photo from the Paradise Fibers website)

This is Flat Feet Sock Yarn (80/20 wool/nylon), and that is how it arrives - not in a ball or hank or skein, but a "blank"; the yarn is knitted into two flat sheets, hand dyed, and then unravelled as you knit. Each pair of resulting socks is completely unique, and rather a surprise. How cool is that idea? Just the storage flexibility set my mind racing.


Michelle said...

That is so awesome! I will have to get some...I want to try that out!

Bea said...

For some reason this holds zero appeal for me. I think I would probably end up skeining and washing it and then winding it into a ball.

ikkinlala said...

The idea of knitting from flat sheets doesn't, in itself, especially appeal to me. But I imagine they could get some different patterns with this technique than with the usual dyeing in a skein.

ponka said...

Bea, I was also thinking that if I bought it I would skein, wash, and ball it before knitting. I once knit with frogged yarn without getting the kinks out, and my fabric biased pretty badly.

That said, I still think it's a nifty idea for dyeing, and I'm very interested to see how the socks knit up. It might be worth it.

ponka said...

So, after checking it out on Ravelry, it doesn't look like it'd be as much of a pain as I thought - maybe I should try it!