05 May 2008

¡Feliz Cinco de Mayo!

May is a big month of cultural celebration for La Meema. First, a nod to the 1/4 Mexican heritage de mi mama.

Cinco de Mayo is a regional festival day marking the Mexican defeat of French forces in 1862. It's not a countrywide fiesta in Mexico, nor is it Mexican Independence Day (that's in September); in the U.S., the day is similar to the cultural observation and revelry found on St. Patrick's Day.

This festive posting brought to you by Cinco de May Barbie! Yes, that's right - your favorite plasticine freak o' nature goes South of the Border and returns with a Coppertone tan. (Truth be told, I totally wanted a costume very similar to this as a young girl. For myself. Really.)

And in two weeks, another familial day of glory will descend upon us - [duhn, duhn, DUHN...] (ominous chords of doomydoomdoom).

Don't eat the worm!

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