07 May 2008

Spring at last

Today was a beautiful day - breezy, barely cloudy, green everywhere. I looked up and down the Minnesota River as I crossed on my way to school, and lo, the trees were leafing out in that marvelous chartreuse-y shade you only see at the onset of spring. It made me smile. For a long time.

This little crabapple tree is in the parking lot of _____ High School. It had once been trimmed within an inch of becoming a shrub, but has since grown into a lovely bonsai-esque shape that stretches over the sidewalk. I give it four days until it's blanketed with blossoms. Note to self: get picture of blossoms for Deb.

A gratuitous bus photo for Kidlet (she's taken to scanning the roads for them as we drive about). On the aforementioned trek to school this morning, I noticed a lineup of four yellow limos in the oncoming turn lane, grabbed for my camera, and caught their escape. Here you go, sweetie.

Enjoy the season, readers!


Cate said...

I looked out of the window at my house and I swear the plants grew 6 inches TODAY! I love spring!!

Knitting Linguist said...

Spring has finally sprung, and how! Those are some great pictures :)

ponka said...

It's beautiful around here, too, but my red car looks like it's yellow from all the pollen - my roommate sneezes about 30 times a day!

deb said...

Oh yes!! Artistic inspiration.

I'm currently frozen in neutral and need to watch some YouTubes of "provisional cast on." I know there's more to this than looking at how pretty that ball of cashmere is. I need to **begin**.

I have some insider information that the nice young people who are the target of my obsession will be getting engaged Tuesday, and then there will be a different kind of pressure to perform.

Michelle said...

Love the bus photo! My nephew who is about 21 months love busses and gets so excited when he sees them! When he sees MetroTransit buses he shouts,"Bus!Mimi!", since I ride the bus to visit him (he calls me Mimi). It's so cute!